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  • ¾" stone - used around drain tile and concrete to prevent settling
  • ⅜" round stone - used in playgrounds and dog runs, allows drainage and prevents cuts.
  • ¾" & 1" round stone - used in dog runs but it is also used as a small riverstone
  • Oversized stone - Used as a base in swampy areas as a roadway base. Usually covered with "B" Gravel.
  • Septic stone - Used for weeping beds 1" stone, or larger, smaller stones have been removed.
  • Stone screenings (also called Natural Screenings OR Dust and Chips)
    • Fine Stone Screenings - Used under interlocking bricks or patio stones which makes a smooth surface to work on. Screenings will allow water to drain better than Limestone.
    • Coarse Stone Screenings - Used for topping driveways. Packs similar to "A" Gravel but finer in texture.
  • Black granite ½" Minus - Used to top off driveways and pathways. Looks similar to reclaimed asphalt but a more environmentally friendly product. Very clean; no tracking with this product.
  • Black granite HL1 Clear - ⅜" Clear granite with all the fines removed. Used mostly for decorative landscape applications.
3/4 inch stone¾" stone
3/8 inch round stone⅜" round stone
oversized stoneOversized stone
septic stoneSeptic stone
stone screeningsStone screenings
black granite 1/2 minusBlack granite ½" minus
black granite hl1 clearBlack granite HL1 clear

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