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Products & Services


  • Sand Fill - Used as an economical backfill for around houses & other buildings.
  • Septic Sand - Coarser sand than sand fills used in septic beds.
  • Riding Arena Sand - Clean sand mixed for different textures.
  • Brick Sand - Clean and screened sand mixes with mortar for laying bricks. Used where a stone free fill is required eg. Under pool liners.
  • Concrete Sand - Washed and screened for use in specialized concrete mixes.
  • Cable Sand - Coarser than brick sand and screened to removes stones. Used to cover electrical cable or water lines.
  • Filter Bed Sand - Washed and screened sand. Used only in weeping bed/certification supplied.
  • Ball Diamond Sand - Custom Blended sand for use on ball diamonds to supply different objectives.

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