Martyn Haulage - Blackstock - Oshawa - Kawarthas

Martyn Haulage gravel pit has been supplying and delivering aggregate to Durham Region and Kawartha Lakes for over 30 years. Some of our aggregate stone, gravel and fill products include:



Sand Fill -

Used as an economical backfill for around houses & other buildings.

Septic Sand -

Coarser sand than sand fills used in septic beds.

Riding Arena Sand -

Clean sand mixed for different textures.

Brick Sand -

Clean and screened sand mixes with mortar for laying bricks. Used where a stone free fill is required eg. Under pool liners.

Concrete Sand -

Washed and screened for use in specialized concrete mixes.

Cable Sand - Coarser than brick sand and screened to removes stones. Used to cover electrical cable or water lines.

Filter Bed Sand -

Washed and screened sand. Used only in weeping bed/certification supplied.