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  • Limestone screenings - 6.33mm crushed limestone used under patio stones and bricks. This product can be used as a driveway topping, but it has a tendency to track. Packs very hard.
  • Limestone 2" clear - Used for a base where drainage is important. The product is 2" pieces with the fines removed.
  • Limestone 2" crusher run - Used for a base material where an extra strong base is required. Similar to 2" clear except the fine material has been left in.
  • Limestone ¾" crusher run - Used for topping off driveways or pathways. Stays in place better than "A" gravel if runoff is a problem. Packs very hard. Will track a bit.
  • Limestone ¾" clear - Used for drainage under concrete, settles very little. All fines have been removed, a very clean material.
  • Limestone ⅜" clear - Used for driveways and pathways as a topping. Similar to ¾" Clear Limestone with all the fines removed.
  • Limestone - HL6 - This is a mixture of ⅜" and ¾" clear limestone. This is a vey clean product. The two sizes mixed together knit together better than one size by itself. It is used mostly as a driveway topping.
  • Gabion (limestone) - 2"-6" or 4"-8" used to fill in very wet areas. Can also be used as a landscape stone for different affects. Gabion is used in gabion baskets for retaining walls and shoreline protection.
limestone screeningsLimestone screenings
limestone 2 inch clearLimestone 2" clear
limestone 2 inch crusher runLimestone 2" crusher run
limestone 3-4 inch crusher runLimestone ¾" crusher run
limestone hl6Limestone - HL6
limestone 3-8 inch clearLimestone ⅜" clear
limestone 3-4 inch clearLimestone ¾" clear
gabionGabion (limestone)

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